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Academics, professionals and policy makers formed Foundation Years Information and Research to promote the vital importance of the earliest years to children’s development and well-being.

The group advances public education and understanding of the substantial body of scientific work on the extent to which the earliest relationships play a major role in shaping a baby’s brain and in influencing their future mental and physical health.
Foundation Years Information and Research promotes research and study and makes available the useful results to engage decision makers, those working in front-line services and the general public.

The evidence:

  • Shows that the implications of our increasing knowledge of the plasticity of the baby's brain require society to shift its perceptions and resource priorities.

  • Justifies a national commitment to strengthening a universal community of care and support for every infant and their immediate caregivers

  • Demonstrates that such a commitment would pay for itself many times over in terms of the quality of life of children, young people and adults, the reduction of mental illness and crime and the resilience, well-being and freedom of society as a whole.

The Co-Chairs of FYIR are Karen Buck MP
and Catherine West MP

The President of FYIR is Frank Field

Latest news

Professor Susan Golombok's postponed talk will now take place at 5pm on Tuesday 21st April in the House of Commons.
Please contact if you would like further information.

Round Table series 2019: Framing society’s structures so that infants, families and communities thrive
We welcomed many distinguished speakers (below) and audience members toour Round Tables in Parliament.

Round Table 1: Assuring quality and accountability
Dr Ilona Renner, Nationales Zentrum Frühe Hilfen(NZFH), Germany;Merle Davies, Director, A Better Start, Blackpool; Professor Mike Kelly, University of Cambridge; Dr Dawn Cannon and Dr Maddalena Miele,AIMH

Round Table 2: Putting the bits together: whole system thinking
Dr Paul Williams MP, Chair of the Inquiry The first 1000 Days of Life;Aurélia Rabe, Education Ensemble, Paris, France; Sian Neil, Senior Education Officer, Education Scotland.

Round Table 3: Developing Views of Attachment
Dr Anna Machin; Dr Amanda Jones, N.E. London NHS Perinatal Infant Mental Health Service; Professor Pasco Fearon, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, University College, London.

Les Premiers 1000 Jours
FYIR Trustees, Dr Rob Hale, Professor Pasco Fearon, Dr Gabriella Conti and Nick Peacey gave evidence to a day’s workshop in Paris developing President Macron’s national initiative Les Premiers 1000 Jours More Information